I am a Chartered Architect and CGI Artist based in London, specializing in architectural visualization. 

Growing up in Hong Kong, I always have an extreme admiration for people working in the film and game industries, for all the surreal photographic and photo-realistic CG contents they produce.

I first got to CG rendering back when I was studying architecture in University, where everyone had to present architectural concepts with abstract or Photoshopped renderings in addition to conventional 2D drawings.  Softwares like Rhino, AutoCAD and Revit were essential tools of trade within the architectural industry, tools that I have been using for over 6,7 years until I struggled with the limitations of rendering packages available (for CAD/construction-oriented softwares).  That was when I started to look into DCCs like Cinema4D and Houdini, which led to a whole new world of possibilities and options in CG rendering and modeling.

Working in a small team at my workplace, I have the luxury of constantly testing and switching among different softwares and plug-ins, as there is no fixed CG pipeline.  I picked Cinema4D & Redshift as my primary rendering/modeling tool initially for their stability and ease of use, but I never stopped looking and trying different softwares/plug-ins and different workflows to up my quality and efficiency.

Having to spend more time at home due to the COVID lock-down in 2020, I challenge myself to learn new softwares and post CG art online regularly, treating this as an opportunity to expand my portfolio and to find an audience that resonates with my style and interests.