Spirits of Serenity

Inspired by the Japanese folklore, "Spirit of Serenity" is a CG recreation of mythical creature Gashadokuro (餓者髑髏) juxtaposing Kiyomizu-dera, one of the largest temples in Kyoto, Japan.

Gashadokuro is a spirit that takes the form of a giant skeleton, whose name literally translates to "starving skeleton". Sorceress Takiyasha Hime (滝夜叉姫) summoned Gashadokuro during 939's Tengyo Disturbance (天慶の乱) in an attempt to conquer Japan. It is said to possess the power of invisibility and indestructibility, and feed upon people's desire for vengeance. Takiyasha Hime's conquer ultimately failed, but Gashadokuro's destruction upon Kyoto became widely known across the country, and is passed down as one of the most widely known Japanese folklores.

Some believe Gashadokura still resides in current day Kyoto, feeding on peoples' indefinite desire for vengeance and outliving mortal beings generations after generations.