Shrine of Prayers: An Orchestration of Deity, Men & Nature

Inspired by Japanese Shinto Shrine Kitano Tenmangu, "Shrine of Prayers" is my interpretation of the traditional Japanese "Gongen" architectural style and its embodied Shinto religion.

By taking full advantage of a CG medium and a central perspective, the iconic main Shrine Facade and Shrine Gate are altered and re-positioned such that they can be fully framed and appreciated within a single view - a view that does not exist in reality.

Plum, the motif of Kitano Tenmangu, is illustrated as a symbolic bond interwoven among the wooden plagues of prayers (Ema), the Shinto Priest and the sky - depicting the spiritual interconnection of Deity(Kami), Men and Nature that has been recognized and upheld through centuries of prayers and traditional Shinto practices in Japan.