Magic and alchemy flourished in the early days of the Grand Ducky of Tuscany, when the laws of free of religion were promulgated and the study of science was popularized. 

Tuscan folklore has it that the Sammezzano Castle, an Italian palazzo located in the town of Reggello constructed during that period, occupies an incomplete ancient Alchemical door that could be traced back to spiritual alchemy from the Roman times. 

The White Rotunda in particular, out of the 365 rooms within the Sammezzno Castle, is overlaid with delicate ornaments shaped like plants and elaborate geometrical carvings.  These ornaments are believed to be enchantment symbols that complete the ancient Alchemical door - a gateway where undying spirits were conjured during enchantment ceremonies, possessing mortal "hosts" in return of immortality.

The Sammezzano Castle was abandoned in World War II; the key to immortality may have been left untouched since then, but the undying spirits and immortal "hosts" have been passed on as Tuscan folktales of legendary creatures and vampires living among the rest of mortal beings like us.